Hidraulic BUMP STOP



Product Info

Give your 4x4 the ultimate off-road damping with 4WD's Threaded Hydraulic Bump Stops. Your 4x4 factory bump stops simply aren't equipped to handle the intense force that can be applied in aggressive off-road scenarios. This pair of high-end, hydraulic bump stops feature a mixture of advanced suspension fluid and compressed Nitrogen to control the final inches of suspension travel providing a cushioned response during off-road travel.

An Internal Floating Piston (IFP) in the shaft separates the oil and nitrogen to prevent cavitation. Designed with lifted vehicles in mind, 4WD's Threaded Hydraulic Bump Stops help prevent damage to your undercarriage by preventing your suspension from bottoming out.

The result is a less jarring, more comfortable ride quality over rocky trails and uneven terrain. The threaded body allows you to adjust the mounting height to fine-tune when the bump stop engages during up travel. Each bump stop is fully serviceable and rebuildable for a long lifespan of turbulence control.  


  • 4WD Threaded Hydraulic Bump Stops  
  • Prevents suspension from dipping to lowest point
  • Less turbulent, more comfortable ride
  • Prevents damage to undercarriage
  • Controls final 3-inches of travel
  • Carburized Alloy Housing
  • Threaded design
  • Rebuildable